5 Tips to prepare for a c-section

image.pngIf you’ve ever thought about being pregnant, or envisioned the birth of your children, chances are you think of a grueling, sweaty labor while your significant other rubs your back, wipes your forehead, and feeds you ice chips. Next, you push, and breath, and push some more. And TA-DA!! They lay a beautiful, screaming baby on your chest while you and your partner kiss and stare lovingly at the child. Two days later, you’re on your feet and the happy little family is off to live happily ever after.

Reality check pumpkin…life ain’t a fairy tale! Sometimes things out of our control happen and for whatever reason, the decision is made to have a cesarean section. Sometimes it’s planned, sometimes it’s an emergency. Either way, it happens, and there you are undergoing a major surgery  (as if child birth isn’t stressful enough) with a several weeks recovery time, and a new born to take care of to boot.

I’ve been there, done that…three times. Never fear! There are some things you can do to prepare for child birth that will make the coming home a little easier on you whether you have a natural birth or c-section.

1. Make sure to clean ahead of time. If somehow you’ve managed to skip the infamous “nesting period”, suck it up and force yourself to clean really well. It will go a long way toward making you feel better when you return home and you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

2. Make sure the clothes, towels,and linens are clean and prepared ahead of time. Hang outfits together on a hanger or lay them out so that you nor your family has to worry about finding clothes.

3. Meal prep! One of the biggest things I could have ever done to help myself was to make meals ahead of time. I used the foil pans from the dollar store, or heavy duty Freezer Bags. Either could be used for freezing things like chili, soup, chicken and dumplings, chicken pot pie, breakfast casseroles, pot roast, spaghetti or lasagna, or really anything that you can make and freeze and someone else can thaw and re-heat
4. Pay bills ahead of time. Pay whatever you can, and schedule the rest. It really will require some careful planning and foresight, but it’s so worth it not to have to worry about bills in the first couple of weeks home. Along with this, I would add to try to keep in mind any special events, birthdays, or anniversaries. Try to plan ahead of time and buy and give your gifts before the delivery.

5. Communicate. Send out a card, email, tweet, post, snapchat, or any other form of communication you desire just to let everyone know that, while you love them all, and are eager to share your miracle with them, you would appreciate the first two weeks to be as peaceful as possible to allow you, your partner, and the baby to bond and heal. This also will help keep well meaning people from coming around your new born with all of their dangerous germs until the baby has had a chance to develop some immunities.

In all, just remember that child birth is a beautiful and miraculous thing, regardless of how it occurs. In this modern society women often put unrealistic expectations on themselves to bounce right back. But if you’re not careful, you could really injure yourself and extend the healing process by weeks or months, which just simply isn’t worth it. Above all, enjoy your baby, relax as much as possible, and welcome any help that is offered. You can resume being Wonder Woman soon enough!

Love to you all! XOXO


3 thoughts on “5 Tips to prepare for a c-section

  1. Great article! Lots of good ideas. You never know how labor is going to go, so it’s always best to be prepared. Thanks for sharing:)


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