Top 5 bloggers to follow if you want to learn how to blog!

farmto tableWhen I first began researching how to start a blog, there was no small amount of resources to turn to. There’s books, audio books, webinars, blogs, Google, and the holy grail, Pinterest! I could literally spend HOURS on Pinterest soaking up all the amazing pins about hosting, affiliate marketing, e-mailing, branding, and product development. It’s really sensory overload. But I started to notice a trend…in the vast sea of blogging professionals, a few names started to stick out to me. Their pin boards and titles were seriously attention grabbing, and once I clicked through and started to read, their personalities and material just really jumped off the screen and made me want to soak it all up!

In the months since starting my blog, I’ve joined these bloggers’ email lists, some of their Facebook groups, and taken several of their courses. I’ve learned so, so much. And I’m working on implementing many of their tips and tricks. I’m really hoping to turn this blog into something that one day another future blogger can refer back to as having made a difference for the development of their blog. And these 5 blogs have done the same for me.

1. Start a Mom Blog with Suzi Whitford- Suzi has a contagious excitement and motivation. She makes learning about blogging enjoyable and personal. She’s developed a signature course called Blog By Number that I’ve learned a tremendous amount from. You go through the course at your own speed, and she is so open to helping you if you have any questions. She incorporates her family into the course and her blog and shows you that you really can balance having a successful business and be a rockstar mom.

2. Mommy on Purpose with Carly- Carly focuses more on home and mommy tips and tricks, so her blogging tips don’t just hit you over the head (and let’s be honest, that’s kind of refreshing sometimes, right?). Her course though…freaking terrific! I really enjoy her e-mails too. They’re personal and full of extras like blog planners, printables, etc. And bonus, she’s not spammy.

3. Believe In a Budget with Kristin Larsen- Kristin is a budget blogger and Pinterest guru. I’ve learned a lot from her about how to grow my blog with Pinterest. Kristin, along with Gina Horkey, has developed a course called Become a Pinterest VA Today. I haven’t taken the course YET, but I’m dying to. The course is so popular that there’s a waitlist!

4. The Sweetest Digs with Gemma Bonham-Carter- Gemma is a DIY home décor on a budget blogger who also knows a thing or two about blogging. I was first turned onto Gemma’s blog because she offered a too good to pass up opt-in of stock photos. Then, her emails sucked me in, and once I joined her Facebook group and saw how much she fosters growth within the blogger community, I was hooked! She has a great resource library for those who join her e-mail list, and her videos are super helpful (plus her Canadian accent is super fun).

5. Writing Revolt with Jorden Roper- Talk about personality! Jorden is an in your face, that’s how it is, REAL person. You can instantly recognize what people mean when they speak of branding when you see her pins and blog. She has a cohesive design to her pins that flow seamlessly into her blog and e-mails. Jorden teaches you how to become a bad ass freelance writer and blogger with personality. Her e-mail opt in includes free lessons on exactly how to get started as a freelance writer which can also be converted over to your very own blog. Just go look her up….you can thank me later!


I hope you get something out of this list, I know I sure have. Who are some of your top bloggers, mompreneurs, freelancers? Let me know!

Love you all! XOXO




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