Wedding Trends for 2017

imageOne of my favorite things to do is to help people design and carry out their perfect wedding. I get just as impassioned putting together color schemes and flower combinations for other peoples’ weddings as I would my own. I mean really people….I obsess. What makes designing weddings so exciting is that, just like with fashion, trends change every year! Sure, there will be the tried and true elements, but even those take on a new spin every few decades or so. This year is no different.

  • One of the shifts we are seeing is the shift to smaller, more intimate weddings. Smaller doesn’t mean unimpressive though! People, especially millennials, are opting to have 50-100 guests at their wedding. This allows the couple to have more extravagant decor, entertainment, or food.
  • Many couples are choosing to travel and say their vows in a location significant to both of them and combine their wedding with the honeymoon. In order to include their family and friends into the special occasion, the couples will host a large reception full of fun and food when they return.
  • AND THE PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR IS…..Greenery! And the wedding industry is no different! All shades of green are going to be coveted this year for anything wedding related. Sage, emerald, lime, bold, ALL greens.
  • The color wheel is steering away from the pastels, and more into bold, unexpected colors and color combinations. Although, the wedding industry is seeing a huge up-tick in dusty colors. Think dusty sage, smokey grey, dusty ash blue.
  • Speaking of colors, patterns are making a huge come back! We will see more brides focus on patterned linens for tables and chair coverings. Large, bold floral prints in different textures will be a must. I expect to see patterned chargers or plates for table settings.
  • Metallics are changing from bright gold and silver into more muted, flat golds. Silver will tend to be foiled instead of shiny. Copper,bronze, and rose gold will take center stage in the metal categories.
  • Wedding dresses will be more traditional with long sleeves, lace, and low cut backs.
  • Veils are a thing of the past. In their place are emerging crowns made of flowers and dainty, intricately woven metals.
  • Lastly, weddings will be more laid back, intimate, Bo-ho natural inspired affairs.

What are some of the trends you hope to see, or not see this year?

Love to you all and happy wedding planning!